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home is a funny concept to me.

maya angelou says that we are never free until we realize that we don’t belong anywhere- that we belong no place but every place at the same time.

home is somewhere we belong.

belonging, to me, is something i have felt with different places and different people at different times in my life.

but what happens when people move, when friends split up, when a family unit disintegrates?

do i still belong?

yes, i am learning. i want my heart to know this above all: i belong to God before i belong to anything or anyone else.

and when i know that, when i truly know that-

i realize that i not only first and foremost belong to God but,

i belong everywhere.

belonging is more than a feeling of being included.
it’s knowing who we are.
that Home was there.

that Home was there.

and it is here.


it will be there.

don’t worry because,

Home is somewhere you belong.

and Home, is everywhere.






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  1. HI Emma–
    Thank you for sharing your writings. Beautiful expressions and incredible wisdom from one so young. You have God-given talent. I am reading Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness and I love it. She addresses her paradoxical thoughts on Maya Angelou’s quote about home and belonging. I think you might really enjoy this book too. You also might look up some of the writings by St. Teresa of Calcutta. It is profound and perplexing to realize that this giver of everything–this selfless saint–doubted God for much of her lifetime and went through very dark and lonely periods in her spiritual life. Her words resonate with me often.
    I remember our lunchtime chats at LHS! Keep going. YOU are touching many lies with your questions, writings, and blogs. Keep showing the world the true, beautiful, authentic you!.

    Karen Wolken


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